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Block Service Rates or Hourly Rates Available

Block Service Rate

Network Technology

Block Service Rates are pre-paid blocks of service time that are billed at a discounted rate.

All blocks are set to renew automatically. A reconciliation, of how the block is used, is provided with your invoice.

For more information about this service:
Email: info@girlswithscrewdrivers.ca

Hourly Service Rate


Girls with Screwdrivers offers three different kinds of service rates:

  • Standard
  • Small Business
  • Not for Profit

For more information about this service:
Email: info@girlswithscrewdrivers.ca

 Services Offered

  • Scheduled on-site maintenance visits
  • Site Assessment – a snapshot of your current technology, including infrastructure, hardware, vendors, and business applications
  • Manage and maintain all computers, servers, peripherals, operating systems and utilities to ensure high reliability and client satisfaction
    • Computer and Server setup
    • Computer and Server updates and upgrades
    • Software and hardware procurement, installation and upgrades
  • Helpdesk (both locally and remotely)
  • Inventory
  • Managing the local security of all servers, data networks, and devices.
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Support and facilitate staff technology needs and/or requests and communicate the status of equipment and facilities in a timely manner.
  • Work with in-house staff to accomplish the needs of the client.
  • Administer local and metropolitan area networks.
  • Setup and test data backups and restores.
  • Provide user accounts and security access to folders.
  • Follow client protocols for Network access, requiring immediate Supervisor or Manager approval before making any requested changes.
  • Provide 2 hour phone response time.
  • Perform other requested duties